The blog you`re reading was created by three Columbia University graduates who used to study Journalism, Politics and Law. Surely, as students we had to prepare tons of writing assignments. Back then we realized how much data there was around us and how much information was simply untruthful or provided by unreliable sources. We tried to sift through the data we got and gradually understood that there were a lot of intelligent people on first names terms with modern technologies but who still were completely unable to work with all the information we receive every day. It may include ads, news, blog posts, posts in social networks and so on.

Having thought everything over we started working on our own approach toward data. First we used it in our college papers, then in college newspaper and after graduation in pieces we wrote for media. Now we analyze the news we get every day and turn them into posts for this blog.

We get rid of unnecessary information that may prevent our readers from getting to the bottom. We consult with experts and ask for their opinion on the matter. Then, we make texts that are easy and interesting to read. Hope you like the result of our work. Let the power of awareness be with you!