Our mission

“Avant-garde” derives from French and literally means fore-guard. In art, culture and social sciences avant-garde usually describes people who work on something experimental, radical or innovative. We believe it is the best word to explain why we do what we do. Our mission is to report about events taking place all around the world right now. We write it in a very traditional manner following journalism ethics and standards and taking inspiration from well-known knights of pen. But what distinguishes our blog from others is a different perspective on events. We always look for pitfalls, analyze possible consequences, search if there was some additional data, check is the person who provided the data wasn`t biased. It takes some time, expertise and persistence from our professionals who contribute to the blog.

And we would like everyone to be aware of what is happening around them and be able to find their way in the constant flow of information. At the same time, modern people need to learn how to treat news with healthy criticism and check the data they`re given. Our purpose is to provide readers with texts which show how the information must be used to make the difference.